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Cameron seemingly fails to convince Trump to unblock Ukraine aid

Cameron seemingly fails to convince Trump to unblock Ukraine aid British Foreign Secretary David Cameron (getty images)
Author: Maria Kholina

An attempt by Britain's Foreign Secretary David Cameron to persuade Donald Trump to allow the US Congress to provide Ukraine with $60 billion in military aid appears to have failed, as the British minister couldn't even secure a meeting with Congress Speaker Mike Johnson, according to The Guardian.

During a private dinner in Florida, Cameron urged Trump to recognize US interests so that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin wouldn't be rewarded for seizing Ukrainian territories.

He also insisted that before the NATO summit in Washington in July of this year, plans would be developed for each NATO member to achieve or exceed defense spending targets. Cameron hoped that Trump would signal a change in course, at least easing his way to a meeting with Johnson.

The Guardian suggests that Cameron's arguments weren't convincing amidst the ongoing power struggle within the Republican Party, as hardline supporters threaten to remove Johnson if he brings a Ukraine aid package to a vote when Congress returns from its two-week recess.

Trump's campaign team said the issues discussed at the dinner were "the upcoming US and UK elections, policy matters specific to Brexit, the need for Nato countries to meet their defence-spending requirements and ending the killing in Ukraine".

Military aid to Ukraine

Since last fall, the US Congress has been unable to agree on President Joe Biden's request for new funds to support Ukraine.

This year, the US Senate approved a bill providing approximately $60 billion for Ukrainian aid. The document was sent to the House of Representatives, but it has not yet been brought up for consideration there.

RBC-Ukraine previously reported that the Biden administration is negotiating a package of aid to Ukraine with House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post published information that Trump, in a private conversation, expressed readiness to end Russia's war against Ukraine, pressuring Kyiv to give up certain territory.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called this plan primitive and reminded that Putin cannot be trusted because he constantly does the opposite of what he says.