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Biden administration negotiates with Johnson regarding aid to Ukraine - Politico

Biden administration negotiates with Johnson regarding aid to Ukraine - Politico Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson (photo: GettyImages)

The administration of US President Joe Biden is in talks regarding a aid package for Ukraine with House Speaker Mike Johnson, according to Politico.

In the president's administration, they want the speaker to bring a $60 billion package to a vote.

According to two administration officials, the White House maintained contact with Johnson's office regarding assistance to Ukraine during the two-week congressional recess.

According to a source, Biden and his team sought to give Johnson a break, as he leads the fickle Republican Party caucus with a shrinking majority.

The administration hopes that their approach could lead to progress in Congress on the aid package later this month.

What this package looks like is currently unknown.

Aid from US to Ukraine

Last fall, the US Congress has been unable to agree on President Joe Biden's request for new funding for assistance to Ukraine.

This year, the US Senate approved a bill providing for the allocation of about $60 billion for assistance to Ukraine. The document was sent to the House of Representatives, but it has not yet been brought up for consideration there. Johnson, the speaker, opposed the bill. He stated that he wants the document to also include strict measures to protect US borders from migrants.

Earlier, we reported that the White House urged Speaker Johnson to advance the project for assistance to Ukraine approved by the Senate.

Also, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently said in an interview with The Washington Post that without US aid, they would have to retreat on the front line.