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Bulgarian Prime Minister arrives in Ukraine

Bulgarian Prime Minister arrives in Ukraine Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov, along with a delegation, has arrived in Ukraine on an official visit, according to BNT.

The Bulgarian delegation includes ministers of justice, environment, and energy - Atanas Slavov, Julian Popov, and Rumen Radev, deputy ministers of defense and foreign affairs - Stanimir Georgiev and Tihomir Stoytchev, as well as the Minister of Defense, Admiral Emil Eftimov.

Details of the visit were not disclosed by the Bulgarian news.

Photo: Bulgarian Prime Minister arrives on a visit to Ukraine (

Bulgaria's assistance to Ukraine

Bulgaria has been providing various forms of assistance to Ukraine since the early days of the full-scale Russian invasion.

Earlier, the Bulgarian parliament ratified an agreement to supply armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.

Following this, Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov expressed confidence that the majority in parliament would override the veto imposed by the country's president, Rumen Radev, on the agreement to supply armored vehicles to Ukraine.

Additionally, Bulgaria will provide Ukraine with around 150,000 euros in humanitarian aid due to the challenging situation caused by the full-scale Russian invasion.