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Budanov announces major operation in Crimea amid Black Sea actions

Budanov announces major operation in Crimea amid Black Sea actions Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov (
Author: Maria Kholina

The Chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (MDI) of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov, has announced the preparation of a significant operation in Crimea amid the actions carried out by the reconnaissance units of combat missions, referring to the MDI's documentary film "War for the Sea: From the Dnipro to Crimea".

Commenting on the significance of the combat missions carried out by the reconnaissance units, particularly in the Black Sea and in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea, Budanov said that "these are all preparatory measures for a serious operation in Crimea."

"This is a test of the accuracy of our claims about the routes of approach and withdrawal from there. Also, it is a morale boost for the population that's been living under occupation for already 10 years. Many of them believe they have been forgotten," Kyrylo Budanov said.

Successful MDI operations special forces in 2023

The MDI disclosed operations successfully executed by the department's special forces.

In the summer of 2023, the Shaman special forces unit crossed to the left bank of the Dnipro River in the Kherson region. After destroying and capturing invaders, the first steps were taken towards establishing a left-bank bridgehead in that area.

Also, in July of last year, the Timur special forces unit regained control of the state-owned oil and gas extraction platform "Ukraine" and later participated in the Crimea operation Awakening of Strength.

Regarding the destruction of enemy fleet ships, the MDI said that this is the responsibility area of the Group 13 special forces unit.

Operations in the Black Sea

On the night of February 1, Ukrainian forces destroyed the missile boat Ivanovets of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. As reported by the MDI, the Ivanovets boat was to some extent the pride of the Russian fleet. There were only three units of such ships. It could accommodate up to 40 Russian sailors.

Furthermore, near the shores of the temporarily occupied Crimea on February 14, the MDI and the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian large landing ship Tsezar Kunikov near Alupka off the coast of Crimea.

On the night of March 5, 2024, the special forces unit Group 13 of the MDI of Ukraine attacked the patrol ship Sergei Kotov of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.