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Video of destruction of Russian ship Tsezar Kunikov

Video of destruction of Russian ship Tsezar Kunikov Tsesar Kunikov destroyed by Magura V5 drones (Illustrative photo: Russian media)

The Russian large landing ship Tsezar Kunikov was destroyed near Alupka, off the coast of Crimea. The ship was attacked by the Magura V5 strike naval drones, according to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

The successful mission was carried out by the special forces of Group 13 of the Ministry of Defense's Intelligence on the night of February 14 in coordination with all components of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

"The enemy ship was attacked by Magura V5 strike naval drones near the shores of temporarily occupied Crimea, not far from the city of Alupka," the statement said.

Intelligence notes that the ship sustained critical breaches on its left side and began to sink. Symbolically, the Russian officer for whom the ship was named was killed exactly 101 years ago.

The intelligence explained that the Tsezar Kunikov ship, Project 775, was one of the newest Russian vessels and could accommodate 87 crew members on board. It was used by Moscow during wars against Georgia, Syria, and Ukraine.

Intelligence notes that the occupiers' search and rescue operation was unsuccessful.


Earlier today, explosions were heard in the vicinity of Alupka. Russians scrambled their helicopters, and footage of smoke in the sea appeared on social media.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed to have repelled a supposed drone attack.

Later, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that a large landing ship of the occupiers, Tsezar Kunikov, was destroyed near the shores of temporarily occupied Crimea.

At the moment of the strike, the ship was in Ukrainian territorial waters near Alupka.