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British intelligence: Putin's military bribery attempt could have consequences

British intelligence: Putin's military bribery attempt could have consequences Photo: Russian dictator Vladimir Putin (Getty Images)

The Kremlin is attempting to bribe Russian military personnel to prolong the war against Ukraine and incentivize Russians to enlist in the army. However, this could have consequences for the Russian economy, according to the British Ministry of Defense on X.

It's noted that on April 6, the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin passed two laws to support military personnel fighting against Ukraine and their families.

The first law exempts occupiers from paying interest on consumer loans and introduces credit holidays. This follows a law from October 2022, which exempted mobilized and other participants of the Russian invasion from accruing penalties for late payments for housing, utilities, loans, and credit card debt.

The second law, signed by Putin, amends the Russian labor code and prohibits employers from dismissing the widows of Russian servicemen within one year from the date of their husband's death.

"The Kremlin has likely insituted these laws in hopes of appeasing Russian service personnel, financially incentivizing more recruits to join the fight in exchange for state benefits, and limiting criticism from the wives of deceased service personnel," the summary states.

British intelligence notes that any payment holidays could have long-term consequences for the Russian economic situation and prospects.

Losses of Russian troops

The Russian Ministry of Defense conceals losses of occupation forces in Ukraine. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russia has lost over 452,000 soldiers since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Just in the last day, our troops have eliminated over 1,000 Russians.

British intelligence reports that Russia is recruiting approximately 30,000 new soldiers to the army each month. This allows it to continue its aggressive war against Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russian opposition media outlets have stated that with the start of the Russian offensive, losses of occupation forces on the front line have significantly increased.