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British Foreign Secretary to visit Eastern Europe to discuss support for Ukraine

British Foreign Secretary to visit Eastern Europe to discuss support for Ukraine British Foreign Secretary David Cameron (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron will embark on a diplomatic mission to Bulgaria and Poland, signaling unwavering support for Ukraine and advancing measures to combat illegal migration, according to the British Foreign Ministry.

Nearly two years after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Cameron's going on a visit to Bulgaria and Poland, followed by his attendance at the Munich Security Conference, underscores the United Kingdom's commitment to international security. It also demonstrates how the United Kingdom is expanding operational cooperation with European countries grappling with the significant challenge of illegal migration.

Throughout the entire visit, Ukraine will be a focal point, with the British Foreign Secretary concentrating on working with partners, including Bulgaria and Poland, to ensure Ukraine receives necessary support. Discussions will revolve around strategies to bolster Ukraine's current stance in the ongoing war, ensuring Ukraine's victory should Russian dictator Vladimir Putin continue military actions, and laying the groundwork for Ukraine's long-term future.

During negotiations with counterparts, the Foreign Secretary will also explore how the UK is enhancing support for key NATO allies, particularly to increase resilience, reduce dependency on Russian energy sources, and counter cyber threats and disinformation.

British assistance to Ukraine

Britain has been one of Ukraine's primary allies since the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion. Ukrainian forces have already received tanks Challenger 2, long-range missiles Storm Shadow, Multiple Launch Rocket Systems M270, and much more from the British.

Recently, The Times reported that Britain provided Ukraine with Martlet missiles, which will aid in defending against Shahed kamikaze drones.

Furthermore, Foreign Secretary David Cameron recently said that the United Kingdom intends to maintain or even increase its level of assistance to Ukraine in 2024.