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Apple may change placement of logo on back panel of future iPads

Apple may change placement of logo on back panel of future iPads Apple says future iPads may feature a horizontal Apple logo (Photo: Unsplash)

The French website Numerama conducted a survey among three high-ranking Apple employees regarding the new iPad Pro models released earlier this month. Although they didn't disclose anything radically new, an interesting detail was mentioned during the discussion about the future of the tablets, according to the MacRumors news website, which is associated with Apple's products.

What is known

During the meeting with representatives of Apple, several new details were revealed, but they mentioned a possible change in the placement of the company's logo on the devices.

Currently, the Apple logo on the back panel of the iPad is positioned vertically; however, due to the popularity of using devices in landscape orientation, this may change.

Molly Anderson, a designer at Apple, expressed the opinion that horizontal placement of the Apple logo may appear on future iPad models.

"We are thinking about it. The iPad has long been a product that is used in portrait mode, but we are using it more and more in landscape mode," Anderson said.

Regarding software, Apple has already started displaying the logo in landscape orientation during iPad boot-up, starting with iPadOS 14.5.

The change in logo placement could be significant for users who frequently use the iPad in landscape mode with a keyboard.

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