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Which devices Apple to release in next 3 years: Insider details

Which devices Apple to release in next 3 years: Insider details The Apple roadmap until 2027 has surfaced online (photo: Getty Images)

Recently, a roadmap has surfaced online purportedly outlining Apple's product release plans until 2027. While there's no confirmation of the leak, it contains a wealth of enticing information, according to the Chinese technology site Gizmochina.

Upcoming Apple products

According to rumors, all iPhone 16 models will receive memory upgrades to 8GB, matching the current iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max may also feature a periscope zoom camera with 5x optical zoom, similar to some competitors.

Increased screen size is also expected for the Pro models: the iPhone 16 Pro potentially increasing from 6.1 inches to 6.3 inches, and the iPhone 16 Pro Max from 6.7 inches to 6.9 inches.

The iPhone 17 Pro may have 48-megapixel rear and front cameras with optical image stabilization.

Rumors suggest that the symbol of 2025 will be the iPhone SE 4. This budget option may come with a large 6.1-inch display and a powerful 48-megapixel camera, offering significant improvements compared to previous SE models.

Які пристрої випустить Apple у найближчі 3 роки: подробиці від інсайдера

Which devices will Apple release in the next 3 years? (photo: Gizmochina)

2026 marks the potential debut of a foldable iPhone, which has long been rumored. The device may boast an external 6-inch screen for regular use and a large 8-inch internal screen when unfolded.

Additionally, rumors suggest that the foldable iPhone utilizes LLW DRAM technology with low latency and low power consumption for optimal performance.

The iPhone 18 Pro models could be the first to feature integrated Face ID under the display, ensuring smooth interaction with the screen and potentially eliminating the notch entirely.

Apple's tablet lineup may also see updates in 2026 with the introduction of a new 10.9-inch iPad Air featuring an OLED display, offering richer colors and deeper blacks. The lineup may also be joined by an 8.4-inch OLED iPad mini.

In 2026, MacBook could receive 14-inch and 16-inch OLED panels, marking a significant display upgrade for Apple's laptops.

The roadmap hints that Apple is exploring augmented reality (AR) glasses and even the concept of a foldable iPad for future release, possibly in 2027 or later. These products could represent entirely new categories for Apple and significantly change how we interact with technology.

It's important to note that this information is based on leaks and not confirmed by Apple. Nevertheless, it provides an idea of the potential direction in which Apple may develop its product lineup in the coming years.

Let's remind you that the new iPads will come without a charger and Apple logo stickers.