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Air defense, F-16 and more: MoD shares Ramstein-19 results

Air defense, F-16 and more: MoD shares Ramstein-19 results Photo: Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

The meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group has concluded, during which issues regarding the strengthening of air defense systems, drones, and artillery systems were discussed, according to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Rustem Umerov.

Air defense systems

"We are strengthening our air defense, both with systems and missiles," the statement reads.

It is noted that the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Coalition has officially started its work.

"Fifteen countries have already joined. Grateful to Germany, France, and the USA for their leadership," Umerov added.

Artillery and F-16

According to the minister, artillery systems and ammunition are on the agenda. In particular, joint production.

"We are working on it, there are already results," he wrote.

As for F-16 fighter jets, everything is going according to schedule within the framework of all agreements with partners.

Drones and demining

"Drones. There will be more. We are enhancing cooperation with partners on unmanned systems," Umerov wrote.

He clarified that today the Drone Coalition officially started its work. Eight countries have already joined - Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, the Netherlands, and Latvia.

Regarding demining, according to Umierov, officially 20 countries have joined, with Lithuania taking the lead.


The latest meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in the Ramstein format today, February 14, became the first for Oleksandr Syrskyi as the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We also reported that the meeting would include a presentation by the coalition on the transfer of F-16s to the Ukrainian military.

RBC-Ukraine has gathered all that is currently known about the Ramstein-19 meeting.