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Key updates on F-16 transfer: Ramstein meeting highlights tomorrow

Key updates on F-16 transfer: Ramstein meeting highlights tomorrow Photo: There will be a report on F-16 fighter jets for Ukraine at Ramstein (Getty Images)

During the meeting of the Contact Group on the Defense of Ukraine (Ramstein format), which will be held tomorrow, February 14, there will be a coalition report on the transfer of F-16 to our military, says the head of the mission of Ukraine to NATO Nataliya Halibarenko.

"Tomorrow there will be a Rammstein meeting and there will be a report from the F-16 coalition on how this is going. So I think after tomorrow's meeting there may be some more detailed information, but for now, everything is on schedule. And spring 2024 is a realistic deadline that we used to call," Halibarenko said.

She noted that preparation for the use of F-16 takes place on several levels. Pilots are taught English, as well as aircraft control. At the same time, the personnel who will service the aircraft are being trained.

Infrastructure is also being prepared, as not all airstrips in the country are ready to supply such fighters.

Transfer of F-16 to Ukraine

We will remind you that in August of last year, Denmark and the Netherlands promised to transfer 61 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

The Netherlands recently announced that it plans to transfer six more aircraft than previously announced.

At the same time, Ukrainian identification marks have already begun to be applied to the F-16. Voice of America ​​showed a photo of such a fighter.