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Aid to Ukraine: White House calls on Congress to approve additional funding

Aid to Ukraine: White House calls on Congress to approve additional funding Photo: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (

At the White House, there is a call for the U.S. Congress to approve additional funding to support Ukraine, emphasizing the critical importance of such aid amid the ongoing military aggression by Russia, states White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

During a briefing on February 6, following President Joe Biden's address to Congress, an American official noted that if the bill on additional appropriations for emergencies in national security situations (aid to Ukraine) were to be blocked, it would be a "profound disappointment."

"As the President stated, there is no reason why politics should get in the middle of this (process)," she said, referring to the position of some Republicans in the House of Representatives who recently initiated a separate vote for aid to Israel without including the package for Ukraine.

According to a White House representative, Biden "spoke about Putin's actions that we've been seeing over the past couple of months—how much more aggressive that he's gotten."

"So these are critical needed military aid that Ukraine needs to help them to continue their fight on the ground," emphasized Jean-Pierre.

She also noted that the U.S. President has "rallied a coalition" of over 50 countries to aid Ukraine.

"The United States continues to fulfill its mission, and we will continue to tell Congress that they have to act," added the spokesperson.

The approval of aid to Ukraine from the U.S.

Last fall, U.S. President Joe Biden requested over $100 billion from Congress for national security needs. More than $60 billion is intended for funding assistance to Ukraine.

Republicans refused to support such an initiative, demanding that the package include stricter measures regarding immigration policy.

Following this, representatives of the Democratic and Republican parties began negotiations to find a compromise, which has not yet been achieved.

On February 6, President Biden urgently called on Congress to support his request. After this, it became known that Republicans in the Senate started planning to consider aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan without tying it to border security with Mexico.