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Without border: Republicans want to focus on aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan

Without border: Republicans want to focus on aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan Photo: Mitch McConnell, Republican Leader of the US Senate (flickr by Gage Skidmore)

Republicans in the Senate of the United States of America want to consider aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan already without attachment to the protection of the border with Mexico, writes CNN journalist Manu Raju on X.

In particular, the journalist cited the statement of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. According to Raju, McConnell and other top officials say the Senate must now move on to other aspects of the package - funding for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

At the same time, in their opinion, the provisions on the border, given the deep differences in the ranks of the party, should be left aside.

"I followed the instructions of my conference who were insisting that we tackle this in October. I mean, it’s actually our side that wanted to tackle the border issue. We started it," McConnell added.

US aid to Ukraine

Last year US President Joe Biden asked Congress for more than 100 billion dollars for national security needs. In particular, they want to allocate more than 60 billion dollars to finance aid to Ukraine.

Republicans refused to support such an initiative. They demanded that the package include tougher measures on migration policy.

After that, representatives of the Democratic and Republican parties began to hold negotiations to find a compromise. But this has not been possible yet.

Today, US President Joe Biden called on Congress to urgently support his request.