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5 cosmetic procedures better to avoid: They're harmful and expensive

5 cosmetic procedures better to avoid: They're harmful and expensive What cosmetic facial procedures are dangerous and expensive (photo: Freepik)

Cosmetic procedures are not always beneficial for your skin and are not cheap. Moreover, some of them can cause new and more serious skin problems, according to a Ukrainian cosmetologist with a medical degree Anna Tarasenko.

What procedures are harmful and expensive for the skin

First on the list of dangerous procedures, Anna singles out mechanical cleansing and explains in detail why it is better not to do it.

Mechanical facial cleansing is a very traumatic procedure. If you do it too often and not as prescribed, you can get enlarged pores, even more rashes, and post-acne spots,” explains the cosmetologist.

According to Anna, a plasma pen, or cold plasma, promises patients to improve their skin condition by causing microburns with a special coagulator. But in the end, the patient may end up with burns, pigmentation, and no effect from this method.

Injection carboxytherapy is a method of subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide using specialized devices. It is a very dangerous procedure that can cause serious consequences, such as skin infections and vascular embolism. The harm to the body outweighs the benefits,” the expert also singles out this procedure.

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What facial procedures are dangerous and expensive (photo: Freepik)

Next on the list of harmful and expensive procedures is nose reshaping with hyaluronic acid filler. This procedure is no longer as popular as it once was.

According to Anna, it can cause very dangerous health conditions, such as ischemia, tissue necrosis, and blindness if performed incorrectly and by the wrong specialist. To correct the shape of the nose, it is better to consult a plastic surgeon.

Lip augmentation with biopolymer gel-based preparations also falls into this list.

“Very low-cost drugs use a polymeric gel in their composition, which was very popular for injection into tissues 10 years ago. Now these patients have this gel cut out by plastic surgeons because it is impossible to dissolve it in a cosmetic clinic,” the cosmetologist notes.

Anna advises you to be cautious when choosing a specialist you work with and to check what kind of medicine you allow to be injected into your face.

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