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Smooth chin: Natural ways to quickly reduce wrinkles

Smooth chin: Natural ways to quickly reduce wrinkles How to get rid of wrinkles on the chin (photo: Freepik)

Wrinkles on the chin can arise due to excessive facial expressions. Therefore, it's worth monitoring your reactions and trying to keep emotions from overly affecting your face. However, to get rid of wrinkles on the chin, it's not necessary to inject botox or undergo other complex cosmetic procedures. According to cosmetologist Olga Pozdnyakova, it's enough to perform certain massage movements.

Why wrinkles appear on the chin

"Do you find yourself clenching your chin throughout the day, reacting primarily with your chin, and sometimes not even noticing these habitual movements? A tense chin deforms our face and makes it disproportionate. Nasolabial folds, jawlines, creases on the chin, sagging tissues - all of these can be caused by a hypertonic chin," says the cosmetologist.

She advises using simple movements to relax the muscles, smooth out creases on the chin, and make the tissues soft and pliable.

"These techniques can be done every other day or whenever you feel the need to relax your chin," says Pozdnyakova.

How to get rid of chin wrinkles

"To eliminate chin wrinkles and prevent their appearance, it's important to relax the muscle. Stretch it with deep movements from top to bottom. The movements should be deep and penetrating. You can grasp the muscle like a fold, as shown in the video, rub it throughout the area, and then stretch it out," advises Pozdnyakova.

Then, massage the muscle to stretch it and release the spasm. Then move from the chin to the ears, and then downwards.

She also suggests adding chin taping to this exercise.

"And remember, it's very important to control your emotions and facial expressions so that your face is not constantly tense," emphasizes the cosmetologist.

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