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Zelenskyy on Putin's 'election': He should end up on trial in Hague

Zelenskyy on Putin's 'election': He should end up on trial in Hague President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (photo:

After all the crimes he has committed, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin should be in the dock in The Hague, states Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

"These days, the Russian dictator is imitating the next elections. It is clear to everyone in the world that this person, as has happened so often in history, is simply addicted to power and is doing everything he can to rule for life. There is no evil he will not commit to prolong his personal power. And no one in the world is immune to this," the President emphasized.

He thanked all states and leaders, as well as all international organizations that "call and will call things by their proper names".

"Everything Russia does in the occupied territory of Ukraine is a crime. There must be a just retribution for everything done by Russian murderers in this war and for the sake of Putin's lifelong power. He is afraid of only one thing most of all - justice," Zelenskyy said.

The Head of State noted that there is no legitimacy in today's "elections" in Russia and cannot be.

"This person must end up in the dock in The Hague - this is what we must ensure. Everyone in the world who values life and decency," the president summarized.

Elections in Russia

The "elections" in the Russian Federation take place over three days, from March 15 to 17, 2024. On December 8, 2023, Putin officially announced his intention to run for re-election.

As Reuters previously reported, thanks to the "elections," the dictator can remain in power until at least 2030. Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has already stated that Putin will be re-elected with 90% of the vote.

Meanwhile, the Security Service of Ukraine spoke about how pseudo-elections were held in the occupation. According to Vadym Skibitskyi, a representative of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, the results of the "elections" are already known in advance in the Kremlin.

Today, March 17, in the Moldovan capital Chisinau, a 54-year-old man threw two Molotov cocktails at the Russian Embassy, where a polling station was opened for voting.

Read more about the pseudo-elections in the occupation in RBC-Ukraine's article Elections at gunpoint: How Russians force Ukrainians in occupied territories to vote for Putin.