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Zelenskyy and Italian PM hold talk, coordinate positions ahead of EU summit

Zelenskyy and Italian PM hold talk, coordinate positions ahead of EU summit President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Photo: Vitalii Nosach- RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Daria Shekina

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy today, December 13, had a phone conversation with the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, according to the head of Ukraine on Telegram.

He mentions that the conversation was necessary for coordinating positions ahead of the European Council summit. They also discussed Ukraine's progress in implementing EU recommendations necessary to initiate accession talks.

"I hope that the EU leaders will recognize Ukraine's efforts and take this historic step. Ukraine has done its part and proved it can achieve significant results despite unprecedented challenges," the President of Ukraine writes.

Zelenskyy believes that unity will prevail at the summit, confirming the EU's strength and leadership.

Additionally, the Ukrainian President and the Italian Prime Minister exchanged thoughts on implementing the Peace Formula and preparations for the Global Peace Summit.

EU summit

The summit of European Union leaders is set for December 14-15. European leaders will decide on the prospects of integration for Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. According to reports, Hungary will block anything related to supporting Ukraine, potentially leading to a prolonged summit. Moreover, as reported by Euractiv, the start of Ukraine's accession talks to the EU could be postponed until March 2024 due to Hungary's stance.

Zelenskyy has stated that receiving a positive decision to commence accession talks with the EU depends solely on the steadfastness of member states. If the decision is postponed, it would mean that the Kremlin head, Vladimir Putin, has effectively vetoed it.