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Zelenskyy admits possibility of Russia's war with NATO on condition

Zelenskyy admits possibility of Russia's war with NATO on condition President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

A war between Russia and NATO is possible, and the Baltic states may be under threat. Confrontation is possible if Ukraine fails to resist, states Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

"Although I will say that if we do not survive all this, but I believe that this will not happen, but let's say that we do not survive, then Russia does not have many steps to go further. They will come to the Baltic states, whether someone wants it or not, they say it won't happen, all these arguments are unnecessary - they will definitely come, because they need to go forward somewhere," he said.

The head of state said that all empires followed this path, and for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, it would be safest to oppose countries where there would be no major confrontation. According to Zelenskyy, Putin will not repeat the mistake he made with Ukraine.

"He will not repeat this mistake a second time, because it is easier to deal with a smaller country. Less protected, fewer people, fewer weapons. And it will be a country that was in the Soviet Union. And this includes the Baltic countries. And he will go there," the president said.

Zelenskyy noted that in the event of an attack on the Baltic states, it would be difficult for Western troops to knock out the Russians.

"And it will be a Russia-NATO war. Of course, it will be if Ukraine does not resist. Or if NATO does not go there. And then it will be Russia's victory over NATO countries. And then there will be a redistribution of territories around the world," the head of state said.

The probability of a war between Russia and NATO

Earlier, the German newspaper Bild published a scenario of German military exercises, during which the German armed forces are preparing for a hybrid attack by Russia on NATO's eastern flank.

A NATO official commented on the Bild article and said that the Alliance had received a training scenario, which is always an imaginary situation to test military capabilities in a particular area.

The President of Finland recently said that he believes it is unlikely that Russia will attack his country, which is now a NATO member. However, Estonian intelligence believes otherwise. They think that Russia is already preparing for the next war. It is likely to be a conflict with NATO within the next 10 years.