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Yemen's Houthi attack tanker carrying Russian oil with rocket

Yemen's Houthi attack tanker carrying Russian oil with rocket Photo: Houthis attacked a tanker with Russian oil with a missile (Getty Images)

Houthi launched a rocket at a tanker transporting Russian oil near the shores of Yemen. It is reported that the rocket launch took place 90 nautical miles southeast of the Yemeni port city of Aden, according to Reuters.

The United Kingdom's Maritime Trade Operations organization notes that the rocket was observed landing in the water approximately 400-500 meters from the tanker, with three small vessels heading towards it. It is reported that there were no casualties or damages as a result of the rocket attack.

This marks the second tanker carrying Russian oil targeted by the Houthi.

The vessel was chosen as a target, possibly based on outdated publicly available information. Previously, the tanker was owned by a British company.

Attacks on civilian vessels in the Red Sea

Houthi forces, controlling a significant portion of Yemen's territory, have intensified drone and missile strikes on commercial ships in the Red Sea since November 19. These actions are purportedly in protest against Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip.

The United States and the United Kingdom conducted airstrikes from the air and sea last night targeting Houthi military facilities in Yemen. The strikes targeted storage areas for Houthi drones and cruise missiles, radar installations, as well as their training centers.