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Xi Jinping shares principles to prevent war in Ukraine from getting out of control

Xi Jinping shares principles to prevent war in Ukraine from getting out of control Chinese leader Xi Jinping (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

During his meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Chinese leader Xi Jinping outlined "four principles" to prevent the escalation of the war in Ukraine and to restore peace, according to BBC.

Xi emphasized that countries should focus on "supporting peace and stability" and avoid pursuing selfish goals. He said it is crucial to cool down the situation and not add fuel to the fire.

"We need to create conditions for the restoration of peace and refrain from further exacerbating tensions," said Xi, stressing the necessity to "reduce the negative impact on the world economy."

According to BBC, these "four principles" echo Beijing's last year's "peace plan." Western observers believe this will only assist Russia in retaining control over a larger portion of Ukraine's occupied territories.

During the meeting, Xi emphasized to Scholz that the industrial and production chains of China and Germany are deeply intertwined, calling the cooperation between the countries a guarantee of bilateral relations stability and the possibility to shape the future.

China's stance on the war in Ukraine

China has taken an ambiguous stance on Russia's war against Ukraine. Particularly, the Chinese government refused to condemn the Russian invasion and maintains diplomatic relations with Moscow. However, China has disclosed its plan for war resolution, which does not entail the withdrawal of occupant troops from Ukrainian territory. Nevertheless, Beijing has not taken any steps in that direction since then, except for the tour of a special envoy to Europe.

During his visit to China, Scholz said that Beijing and other countries should cease their assistance to Russia.