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Xi Jinping met with former President of Taiwan and discussed reunification

Xi Jinping met with former President of Taiwan and discussed reunification Photo: Xi Jinping, leader of the People's Republic of China (Getty Images)

Leader of China Xi Jinping met with the former President of Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou. They discussed the reunification of the PRC with the island, Reuters reports.

The meeting between Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou took place in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, where foreign leaders usually hold talks with senior Chinese officials.

During the discussions, the leader of the PRC emphasized that people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are Chinese.

"External interference cannot stop the historical trend of reunion of the country and family," he added.

Xi Jinping did not specify what he meant by "external interference," but presumably, it refers to the support for Taiwan from the United States.

"There is no rancour that cannot be resolved, no problem that cannot be discussed, and no force that can separate us," Xi Jinping emphasized.

In turn, Ma Ying-jeou warned against war between China and Taiwan, as it would be intolerable for the Chinese people.

"Chinese on both sides of the strait absolutely have enough wisdom to handle all disputes peacefully and avoid heading into conflict," he added.

It is worth noting that on December 27 of last year, Xi Jinping already spoke about the "inevitable reunification" with Taiwan. According to him, this is the greatest national interest.

Possible Chinese attack on Taiwan

The Republic of China (Taiwan) is a partially recognized state. Beijing considers the island as part of its territory.

Concerns have been repeatedly raised in the West that China may initiate a military invasion of Taiwan with the aim of reunification with the island.

As disclosed by the head of the Indo-Pacific Command of the United States, Admiral John Aquilino, the invasion could potentially occur as early as 2027.