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Why Scholz refuses to transfer Taurus missiles to Ukraine: Media reveal new reason

Why Scholz refuses to transfer Taurus missiles to Ukraine: Media reveal new reason Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

The transfer of long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine could purportedly impact Germany's defense capabilities. The reason is linked to the targeting process, according to t-online.

According to the material, the real reason for German Chancellor Olaf Scholz's refusal to transfer Taurus missiles to Ukraine was named during a meeting of the parliamentary defense committee on Monday, March 11.

During his presentation at the meeting, Bundeswehr Inspector General Carsten Breuer reported on the specifics of such weapons.

According to him, for effective use of the missile, a huge amount of data and special computer systems for processing this data are needed, which are only available in limited quantities within the Bundeswehr.

Participants in the meeting, as reported by t-online, said that transferring Taurus to Ukraine would lead to Germany not having access to these systems and significantly undermine its defense capabilities.

Another source told the news agency that the systems "will be impossible to replace for a long time."

According to t-online, there is an option to transfer a stripped-down version of Taurus to Ukraine without the targeting system. Then the missiles would complement the Storm Shadow missiles already in possession of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Scholz's refusal to transfer missiles

Ukraine requested long-range Taurus missiles from Germany last year, capable of destroying targets at distances of up to 500 kilometers.

But Berlin refuses to transfer them. Chancellor Olaf Scholz himself is against it. He explained that such deliveries supposedly require the presence of German soldiers on site.

Scholz also stated that if Taurus missiles were provided to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, they "can reach a specific target somewhere in Moscow."