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Why it is important to sort out your wardrobe every season

Why it is important to sort out your wardrobe every season Why it is important to sort out your wardrobe every season (photo: Freepik)

Most of us love to keep old clothes that we will never wear again, and there's an explanation for that. Clothing preserves warm memories of special moments, but it's also important to let them go.

RBC-Ukraine discusses why it's necessary to declutter your wardrobe every season, referring to the Telegram channel about fashion called Couture.

Why it's important to go through your wardrobe every season

Firstly, it simplifies your life, lightens your emotional state, and clears your mind, thoughts, and space in your home, which is also important.

There is a theory that we are only willing to part with items that no longer align with our emotional state. In other words, when you put them on, you feel discomfort and are mentally transported back to the past.

Several simple steps can help you properly declutter your wardrobe and explain the importance of this action.

Чому важливо робити щосезонний розбір гардеробу: відповідь дуже проста

Why it's important to declutter your wardrobe every season (photo: Freepik)

  1. Gather all your items into a pile and choose the essentials: Keep only what you wear regularly this season.

  2. Set aside in a separate pile anything you don't wear and items you don't see yourself in: Discard anything outdated, disliked, too small, or too large.

  3. Store separately items that suit you but are designated for special occasions: Such as weddings, holidays, corporate events, meetings, trips, etc.

  4. Dispose of immediately anything stretched, unattractive, uncomfortable, or irritating: These are things that can pull you back and remind you of a past life you no longer live.

  5. Evaluate the condition of some items and sell excess items that are still in good condition: Perhaps something has gone out of fashion, you no longer like it, or it doesn't fit into the capsule of your current style. Another alternative is to donate clothes to those in need.

  6. Style items you don't wear but still like: Incorporate them into a capsule if you have one; if not, try to mix them with other trending clothing on your own.

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