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6 things you should get rid of right now without regret

6 things you should get rid of right now without regret Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Things that take up space in your house for years, wasting away in closets without serving you. It's time to declutter the clutter that's just taking up space and is of no use to anyone, reports Real Simple website.

Expired food

There's a lot of expired food that can be found in the fridge and pantry. Such food poses a serious danger to life.

It's worth doing monthly cleanouts to get rid of any food items that are no longer edible.

Check your entire kitchen, inspect every shelf, and don't forget to check spices.


What could be worse than falling ill and finding out that the expiration date on your ibuprofen was three years ago?

The expiration date on the packaging doesn't mean that the magic stops exactly at midnight, and the medicine becomes poison. The expiration date is a guarantee from the manufacturer that by this date, the drug retains at least 90% of its effectiveness.

If the instructions say the medicine can be stored for a year, the manufacturer most likely just didn't check what happens after that date.

Don't forget to regularly check your medications, ointments, cough syrups, vitamins, and supplements.

Cosmetic products

If a manufacturer states an expiration date for their product, they are responsible for the safety and effectiveness of the cosmetic product.

After the expiration date, the manufacturer cannot guarantee that the product will maintain its beneficial properties and won't harm your health. Using expired skincare products can cause various skin problems.

There are several signs that can indicate your cosmetics have gone bad and it's time to throw them away:

  • The product's texture has changed: it has become thick, solid, or too runny.
  • The color or scent has changed.
  • The cosmetic product's ingredients have separated or formed sediment.
  • There is mold or bubbles on the surface of the cosmetic product.

Clothing with holes and stains

If you feel embarrassed to wear such clothing outside your home, why keep it at home?

All clothing with holes or stains needs to be thrown away. If the clothing is worn out, very worn, or has a worn collar, remove it.

Ultimately, you'll have a wardrobe with only items that make you look your best.

Tattered bed linens and towels

Why keep worn-out towels and bed linens that have lost their appearance?

If you don't like using these items, you don't need them in your life anymore.

Broken gadgets and electronics

If you're keeping a blender that's already broken, there's no need. Treat yourself to new technology and get rid of the old one.

Also, it's not worth keeping gadgets you haven't used for a long time. If you don't even know where the charger for it is, just dispose of that gadget.