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White House stressed to Congress critical need for approving financial aid to Ukraine

White House stressed to Congress critical need for approving financial aid to Ukraine Photo: the White House promises to convince Congress to approve aid to Ukraine (Getty Images)

The administration of US President Joe Biden has once again urged Congress to swiftly pass legislation providing financial assistance for Ukraine's defense needs. They emphasized that this issue is closely tied to America's national security. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made this statement during a briefing at the White House.

According to her, members of Congress "need to move forward."

"It is about our national security — just as we’re talking about aid to Ukraine, but it is also our own national security. It’s all connected here," said the Biden administration representative.

She emphasized that the preferable option would be for the House to pass the bill previously approved by the Senate. According to her, if this bill were brought to the floor by Speaker Mike Johnson, it would garner overwhelming support, as it did in the Senate, where 70 legislators voted for it compared to 29 against.

Jean-Pierre noted that the White House would encourage Speaker Johnson to bring this bill to a vote.

Issues with US financial assistance for Ukraine

Following the failure of Joe Biden's $106 billion aid bill for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, at the beginning of February this year, a new bill was proposed for assistance to the three countries totaling $96 billion but excluding provisions for the protection of the southern US border with Mexico. Over $60 billion is allocated for Ukraine's needs in this bill.

On February 13th, the Senate approved this bill. However, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson deliberately refuses to bring the bill to a vote, delaying the provision of military aid to Ukraine.

Instead, Johnson has begun discussing a compromise version of the bill with congressmen. In this version, Ukraine is offered significantly less funding, only $47.69 billion. Johnson also hinted that the House of Representatives is ready to unlock assistance to Ukraine, but it will not be provided by the US for free; rather, it will be through a loan or financing program.

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