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US prepares compromise version of bill that includes assistance to Ukraine

US prepares compromise version of bill that includes assistance to Ukraine Photo: US House Speaker Mike Johnson (GettyImages)

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Mike Johnson has begun discussing a compromise version of a bill with members of Congress, which includes assistance to Ukraine, reports CNN.

In this document, Ukraine is proposed to allocate over $10 billion less: $47.69 billion compared to the previously planned $60.06 billion.

Additionally, at the request of Republicans, measures to strengthen control at the border with Mexico have been included in the bill, under which migrants will have to await decisions of the American immigration court outside the United States.

The process is planned to be completed by mid-March, and supporters among Republicans believe it will allow it to reach a vote - even risking a negative reaction from extremely conservative members or even a vote for his removal from the position of speaker.

Navigating the law through the House of Representatives remains an extremely challenging task. Furthermore, broad Democratic support will be required for its adoption - a difficult task considering that the package includes new border restrictions and assistance to Israel, which may not satisfy the leftists.

Assistance to Ukraine from the United States

The United States has been unable to approve new funding for assistance to Ukraine for several months. As a result, the supply of weaponry to our defenders from Americans has been suspended.

Earlier, we reported that the US House of Representatives may vote on aid to Ukraine at the end of March or in April.

Preparations are underway in the House of Representatives to approve assistance to Ukraine bypassing Speaker Mike Johnson.