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Which numbers on banknotes bring wealth and protect from poverty

Which numbers on banknotes bring wealth and protect from poverty What numbers bring money (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Many people believe in numerology and the so-called magic of numbers, and the digits on banknotes are often endowed with fantastic abilities. Some individuals choose "lucky" banknotes, which become their talismans.

RBC-Ukraine explains which banknotes will bring wealth, how to choose your lucky number, and why such banknotes should not be spent.

Sources: Telegraf and UkrMedia.

Which numbers on money will attract success and repel poverty

One of the popular methods to determine whether a banknote is lucky is the analysis of the last digit in the unique code, which starts with letters and ends with various numbers.

The numbers are usually interpreted as follows:

1 - influx of money and motivation, success in teamwork

2 - mistakes and loss of money, a magnet for poverty

3 - a talisman for fame, intelligence, and wealth

4 - stability and wealth

5 - luck, fortune, success in ventures

6 - wastefulness, poverty, and lack of profit

7 - creativity, success for confident people

8 - attraction of money, an endless flow of happiness and positive energy

9 - asceticism, a modest life without happiness and entertainment

0 - a neutral number, which neither gives nor takes anything.

Які цифри на купюрах приносять багатство та захистять від злиднів

Which banknotes bring wealth if not spent (illustration:

Which banknotes to carry in your wallet

If you want to choose a specific banknote to be your talisman, lucky coincidences can help you decide. Look closely; perhaps you have found a banknote with three sevens or your favorite number.

Keep your lucky banknote in your wallet and never spend it in stores. It is believed that such talismans can accumulate positive energy and attract even more money and success.

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