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Apartment numbers that attract happiness and wealth

Apartment numbers that attract happiness and wealth Which apartment number will bring happiness (illustration:

The belief that certain apartment or house numbers can attract luck and wealth exists. Those who believe in such superstitions always try to choose accommodation with the most fortunate address.

RBC-Ukraine explains which apartment numbers attract money and which bring misfortune.

Sources: Pro hroshi and UAportal.

How to understand which apartment number will bring happiness

It is believed that numbers can carry a so-called energy. So, try to check if your apartment number is successful.

It's simple to do. If the apartment number is from 1 to 9 - look for interpretations below. If the number is two-digit or more, it needs to be simplified. Add up all the digits to get only one.

For example, if you live in an apartment with the number 45 - you need to add 4 to 5, resulting in the digit 9.

Here are the interpretations:

1 - In such an apartment, dreamers and lucky people can live; they are capable of fulfilling their desires, but weak individuals may suffer from harmful habits.

2 - This number brings love, especially to young couples. Such an apartment is also a wonderful place to start a family; happy children will grow up there.

3 - Residents of housing with this number may spend too much money and be in debt. However, it will be fortunate for creative people who can achieve what they desire.

4 - There will be peace and tranquility in such an apartment; it will not bring immense wealth, but happiness will certainly be there.

5 - This number brings a lot of joy and positivity; it is very strong and powerful, its energy gives people a lot of strength, but sometimes relationships may suffer.

6 - An apartment with this number can be called the home of the wealthy, as its residents often get a chance at a fortune.

7 - This number brings peace and romance; the seventh apartment is suitable for those who are tired of hustle and unnecessary noise.

8 - This number may scare those who believe in omens; the eighth apartment can bring scandals, poverty, and unhappiness.

9 - Another number for the wealthy, as a dwelling with this number can offer many opportunities and chances to strike it rich.

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