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WhatsApp may delete your chats and account: How to avoid this

WhatsApp may delete your chats and account: How to avoid this WhatsApp makes new decision regarding certain accounts (Photo: Pexels)

WhatsApp has announced a significant change that may affect many users. According to the new rules, starting from December 4, the messenger will delete accounts that have remained inactive for the last 120 days, writes WhatsApp Help Center.

The developers' decision raised concerns among users who may not be aware of the new rules and risk losing access to their messages and contacts. It is important to note that the deletion of the account will be permanent, and recovery will not be possible.

Representatives of WhatsApp explained that such a cleanup of inactive accounts is necessary to ensure the reliable operation of the platform and optimize the performance of other personal accounts. This will also free up resources and improve the messenger's performance.

How to avoid account deletion

To prevent the deletion of an account, owners simply need to log into the program from their phone or computer via the Internet. This will confirm their activity and preserve access to the personal account. If you have not logged into WhatsApp in the last few months, it is advisable to take action and log in as soon as possible.

Some users may consider deleting accounts without warning as too harsh a measure. Nevertheless, the developers emphasize that these measures are necessary to ensure the security and efficiency of the platform.

Thanks to this comprehensive cleanup, WhatsApp will be able to provide the best service for its active users.

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