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WhatsApp introduces new feature

WhatsApp introduces new feature WhatsApp account verification for iPhone now possible via email (Photo: Unsplash)

Meta has introduced a new update for WhatsApp that allows users to link their account to an email address. Now, authentication in the messenger is done through confirmation via email instead of using SMS, writes 9to5Google.

The ability to authorize in the messenger via an email address is presented in WhatsApp version 23.24.70 for iOS devices, which was published in the Apple App Store.

This feature does not replace the traditional method of authorization via SMS but serves as an alternative that can be useful, for example, in the absence of cellular network coverage from the operator.

To use this new feature, the user must provide their email address in the app's settings. This can be done by going to the profile settings menu and selecting the Account section, where a field for entering the email address is provided.

It is noted that the email address is used exclusively for authorization, and other users of the service cannot see it. Since the email address is only identified for the authentication process, interaction with the service, as before, requires the presence of a functioning mobile operator number.

Earlier, we reported that WhatsApp introduced a long-awaited feature - the ability to run multiple accounts on a single device and within a single instance of the application without the need for cloning.