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What destroyed Russian depot on Cape Fiolent in Crimea looks like: Satellite images

What destroyed Russian depot on Cape Fiolent in Crimea looks like: Satellite images llustrative photo: satellite images of Cape Fiolent after the strike on the Russian warehouse (Getty Images)

After the explosions in temporarily occupied Sevastopol on July 1, a Russian military depot was likely destroyed at Cape Fiolent. Satellite images were published on the Telegram channel Krym.Realii.

In the footage, it can be seen that there were four buildings at the cape before the explosions. In the photos after the incident, one of the buildings is completely destroyed.

According to one version, the building housed an ammunition depot, and according to another version, it contained Shahed/Geran drones.

On July 1, explosions were reported in Sevastopol. According to locals, something "hit" the Balaklava district, where Russian air defense systems were located. Additionally, there was a strike on a military unit in the area of the village of Flotske.

Later, Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mykola Oleshchuk stated that on July 1, Ukrainian pilots struck an ammunition depot in temporarily occupied Crimea.

Explosions at Russian military facilities in Crimea

It should be noted that explosions have been occurring on the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea in recent months. These are the results of actions and strikes by the Defense Forces or other operations. Notably, a recent strike targeted the Russian Space Surveillance and Communications Center.

Additionally, a large fire broke out recently in the area of Cape Chauda in Crimea. This area hosts military facilities of Russia, including a launch site for Shahed drones.