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What country may be potential obstacle to North Korea-Russia alliance: Expert insights

What country may be potential obstacle to North Korea-Russia alliance: Expert insights The leader of China, Xi Jinping (Photo: Getty Images)

Russia may attempt to improve relations with North Korea, but Chinese leader Xi Jinping may not approve of this alliance, according to a statement from political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko and a statement from military-political expert of the "Information Resistance" group, Oleksandr Kovalenko.


Recently, The New York Times reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un planed to meet with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin that month and discuss arms supplies.

Following this, Washington began talking about strengthening sanctions and called for an end to negotiations on arms sales to Russia.

The Chinese factor

Experts interviewed by RBC-Ukraine specifically emphasize the role of China when discussing the possible alliance between Russia and North Korea. According to Kovalenko, if Xi Jinping does not give the green light, there will be no alliance.

In fact, the Kremlin is constantly seeking meetings with Xi Jinping to persuade Kim Jong Un through him. It was recently revealed that Putin would travel to Beijing in October for the Belt and Road conference.

"If we talk about the September meeting with Kim in Vladivostok, it won't have any significant impact by itself. The real influence can only come from Xi Jinping, but I think he has no intention of antagonizing Western countries. Despite all the rhetoric, China is too dependent on the West, and it will be very cautious," says the expert.

Military exercises of North Korea, Russia, and China

According to the South Korean newspaper Yonhap, Russia wants to conduct trilateral military exercises. Whether China agrees is still unknown, but the issue with North Korea is reportedly closed.

As Fesenko pointed out, many are currently concerned about how China will behave in the context of a potential Moscow-Pyongyang alliance.

"Will China participate in military exercises? I doubt it. And how will they react to Russian-Korean cooperation? If they lend some support and partially join, there is danger. I see certain risks from their side," he believes.

However, it is highly unlikely that China would directly engage in such cooperation. This is partly due to the historical relationship with Pyongyang.

"The Chinese have long felt that Korean dictators, whether it's the current Kim, his grandfather, or his father, have always been too independent and uncontrollable. Always on their own, always quite aggressive. There is a risk, of course, but I think other countries will not be involved in cooperation between Russia and North Korea," added the political analyst.

Cooperation between Russia and North Korea

North Korea openly supports Russian aggression against Ukraine and has been supplying weapons to the Wagner PMC since the beginning of the year, according to US information.

Recently, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that he would impose additional sanctions on North Korea or any other country that supplies weapons to the Russians.

More about the potential alliance of global outcasts and whether it poses a threat to our country can be found in RBC-Ukraine article.