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West needs to do more to enable Ukraine to win war - Cameron

West needs to do more to enable Ukraine to win war - Cameron Photo: British Foreign Secretary David Cameron (GettyImages)

The UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, David Cameron, stated that the West needs to do more to help Ukraine win the war, according to Voice of America.

In response to the question of whether Europe has done everything possible to support Ukraine, David Cameron answered in the negative.

The secretary stated that there have been many positive changes. He emphasized that Ukraine does not have enough ammunition, Ukraine needs the support of the United States, and Ukraine needs more funding and armaments. He stated that the West should prove it's support to Ukraine and the Ukrainians through weapons, financial aid, diplomatic, military, and moral assistance.

The minister believes that the West needs to do more to support Ukraine.

Cameron believes that "the West has to do more to enable Ukraine to win this battle, to repel Russia." The path was started from discussions about the morality of war to "where we are now with military support." He states that even what we have now is not enough, some countries need to reassess their armaments and make their resources more accessible to Ukraine.

According to the Secretary, Ukraine needs to be provided with everything necessary. However, the outcome of the war must be decided by Ukraine.

He believes that the task of allies and friends of Ukraine is to support Ukraine, provide it with money, and weapons, and help in the fight. Then it is Ukraine's task when they want to discuss how to end this conflict. "It's for the Ukrainians to decide," said the UK Secretary of State for Foreign.

Support from the United Kingdom to Ukraine

From the early days of the full-scale Russian invasion, the United Kingdom has been assisting Ukraine financially, with weapons, and through military training.

Earlier, we reported that the United Kingdom would allocate nearly 11 million dollars in humanitarian funding for Ukraine.

Britain has announced a package of ammunition for Ukraine worth 310 million dollars.