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Weekly horoscope promises fulfillment of all wishes for three zodiac signs

Weekly horoscope promises fulfillment of all wishes for three zodiac signs Who will be lucky from Monday (photo:

The new week (from March 11th to 17th) will fulfill the dreams of representatives of three zodiac signs. They will be able to enjoy life as it fills with wonders and joy, according to Spiritualify.


This week will be a turning point for you. The stars will grant you determination and courage. New connections await you. However, be prepared for the conclusion of old relationships; it's unavoidable.

Your dreams will start coming true; the crucial thing is to allow wonders to change everything. Don't be afraid to burn bridges and move forward. An unforgettable week awaits you.


Your desires will begin to materialize. Seize this chance, start thinking broader, and consider what you truly want. You won't have to guess; new ideas and plans will generate as if you've known them for a long time.

At the beginning of the week, many opportunities await you. You can make a mark at work. As the weekend approaches, prepare for joyful events. Allow yourself to relax and have fun.


Pleasant surprises await you. Loved ones want to amaze and delight you; be ready to accept their tokens of attention. Also, don't forget the important things; this week is perfect for addressing urgent and challenging issues.

Your dreams will start to come true; find the belief in miracles within yourself. Engage in creativity, and allow yourself to float in the clouds. Do not hesitate – you will catch your inspiration.

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