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War in Israel: IDF resumes combat operations

War in Israel: IDF resumes combat operations Photo: Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant (Getty Images)

The Israeli military has fully resumed combat operations in the Gaza Strip after Hamas violated the ceasefire agreement. This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Israel, Yoav Gallant, reported by RBC-Ukraine citing The Times of Israel.

According to him, he ordered to resume fire on Friday morning after Hamas refused to release 15 women and two children as part of the ceasefire agreement.

“We are continuing exactly where we left off,” he says.

He added that over the past two days, he surveyed Gaza from the air and the border area from the ground, describing the results of the Israeli Defense Forces' (IDF) offensive as "very impressive."

“Thousands of terrorists have been eliminated, dozens of headquarters [have been struck], hundreds of terabytes of information are in our hands, hundreds of terrorists have been captured and are being interrogated in Israel,” he says.

Release of hostages by Hamas

Last week, Israel signed an agreement with Hamas for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the release of hostages. The first group of fighters was released on November 24th and transported to Israeli hospitals.

The next day, Hamas released and handed over to the Red Cross a group of 17 individuals. The third group of 17 individuals released from Hamas captivity was accepted by the Red Cross on November 26th.

In addition, Hamas released three underage French hostages.

For more details on the agreements between Israel and Hamas and how long the conflict will continue, check the material on RBC-Ukraine.

On December 1st, Israel resumed military operations in the Gaza Strip, stating that Hamas had violated the terms of the ceasefire.