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Vote in US on aid to Ukraine signals Kremlin clearly - President of European Council

Vote in US on aid to Ukraine signals Kremlin clearly - President of European Council President of the European Council Charles Michel (photo: Getty Images)

President of the European Council, Charles Michel, described the approval by the US House of Representatives of a $61 billion aid package for Ukraine as a clear signal to the Kremlin of continued support for Ukraine, according to his statement on the X social network.

He welcomed the House of Representatives vote on the long-awaited important aid package for Ukraine.

"This sends a clear message to the Kremlin: Those who believe in freedom and UN charter will continue to support Ukraine and its people," wrote Michel.

What does the aid entail and when can we expect the first tranche

Yesterday, April 20, the House of Representatives approved a bill proposed by Speaker Mike Johnson to support Ukraine with $60.84 billion. $23.2 billion will remain in the US and will be spent on replenishing American reserves.

$13.8 billion is earmarked for the purchase of weapons and military products for Ukraine; $11.3 billion for current US military operations in Europe; $26 million for continued monitoring assistance. Ukraine will also receive $7.85 billion in credit as direct financial assistance to the state budget.

In addition, Ukraine is set to receive long-range ATACMS missiles.

The first batch of aid could be delivered to Ukraine within days after the bill is signed by the US President, if approved by the Senate (voting will take place on April 23). It is likely to be ammunition for air defense systems and artillery.

ATACMS missiles could be provided to Ukraine as soon as Precision Strike Missiles (a short-range ballistic missile developed to replace the MGM-140 ATACMS) begin arriving at Pentagon depots.