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First tranche of weapons from US reaches Ukraine within few days after signing law

First tranche of weapons from US reaches Ukraine within few days after signing law Long-range missile ATACMS (photo: Getty Images)

The first shipment of American military aid could be delivered to Ukraine within a few days after the US president signs the bill if it is approved by the Senate. The shipment is likely to include ammunition for air defense systems and artillery, according to the New York Times.

American officials told the New York Times that the ammunition could be taken from the Pentagon's stockpiles in Germany.

US representatives did not directly specify the weapons the US would send to Kyiv as part of the package, but Pentagon spokesperson Major General Patrick Ryder previously stated that the shipment would likely include more ammunition for air defense systems and artillery.

"We have a very robust logistics network that enables us to move matériel very quickly as we’ve done in the past. We can move within days," the general said.

Officials also reported that additional long-range ATACMS missiles could be provided to Ukraine as soon as Precision Strike Missiles (a short-range ballistic missile developed by the US Army to replace the MGM-140 ATACMS) begin to arrive at Pentagon depots.

The US has a limited amount of this weapon, officials said. The rest of the ATACMS arsenal, they said, is reserved for plans in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as if the US were to go to war with Russia, North Korea, or China.

On Wednesday, a Lockheed Martin representative, the manufacturer of both missiles, stated that last year the company delivered the first four operational Precision Strike missiles to the US Army.

The bill providing aid to Ukraine, passed by the US House of Representatives today, April 23, is set to be considered by the Senate. It will then be sent to the US President for signature.

The bill requires Biden to immediately transfer ATACMS to Ukraine. However, he has the right to refuse if this transfer could harm US national security.

According to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine needs ATACMS missiles to be able to target Russian airfields in temporarily occupied Crimea.