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US to sell drones and missiles to Taiwan for $360 million amid China's military pressure

US to sell drones and missiles to Taiwan for $360 million amid China's military pressure Archive photo: The USA will sell drones and missiles to Taiwan for $360 million (Getty Images)

The United States of America has approved the sale of missiles and drones to Taiwan for $360 million. This is expected to enhance the island's security, announces the Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

The US State Department has approved the sale of drones and missiles to Taiwan worth approximately $360 million.

It is emphasized that, by law, Washington is obligated to provide Taiwan with the means for self-defense despite the lack of official diplomatic relations, which continually angers Beijing.

At the same time, China is increasing military pressure on Taiwan, including conducting military exercises around the island last month following Lai Ching-te's inauguration as president.

The Pentagon stated that the sale would help enhance the recipient's security and support political stability, military balance, and economic progress in the region.

What Taiwan will receive

The sale includes anti-personnel and anti-tank Switchblade 300 munitions and related equipment valued at approximately $60.2 million. Additionally, Washington will sell ALTIUS 600M-V drones and related equipment worth approximately $300 million.

These are loitering munitions, specifically small guided missiles that can fly around a designated area until directed to attack.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense expressed its gratitude, particularly for the US efforts to increase arms sales to the island. Taiwan has repeatedly complained about delays in deliveries.

"In the face of the Chinese communists' frequent military operations around Taiwan, these US-agreed-to arms sales items will have the ability to detect and strike in real time, and can respond quickly to enemy threats," the ministry stated.

Why the USA supports Taiwan

Taiwan is a crucial strategic partner in the Asia-Pacific region, helping the USA contain China's influence.

Additionally, Taiwan serves as an example of a democratic society in a region dominated by authoritarian regimes, and supporting Taiwan promotes democratic values.

It's important to note that ensuring Taiwan's security helps maintain stability in the region and protects US economic interests, including the free movement of important maritime routes.

Recently, Bloomberg reported that Taiwan is deepening its economic integration with other democratic countries and working with partners, including the USA, to deter Chinese leader Xi Jinping from ordering an invasion of the island.