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US Senate expects Congress to approve aid to Ukraine in coming weeks

US Senate expects Congress to approve aid to Ukraine in coming weeks Photo: Joni Ernst, U.S. Senator (Getty Images)

The United States Congress may approve new funding to help Ukraine over the next few weeks, according to Republican Senator Joni Ernst.

She recalled that in February she was among the senators who supported a bill with new funding for $60 billion for aid to Ukraine. She expects that the document will be put to a vote in the House of Representatives, but with amendments.

"Once the House passes these changes, the bill will go back to the Senate. I expect that to happen within the next few weeks, and we will work very hard to ensure that the aid package passes," the senator added.

According to Ernst, the proposal by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, regarding assistance to Ukraine in the form of a loan, may work.

The senator assured that the majority of congressmen support Ukraine, but there are differences regarding the level of expenditure.

"We know that it is very important for Ukraine to have the necessary ammunition to be confident in its ability to resist Russian aggressors. All of this is very critical, and I really hope that we will allocate assistance soon," she noted.

US assistance to Ukraine

The United States has practically halted military aid to Ukraine for several months. The reason is that the Congress has not passed a bill with appropriate funding.

In February, the Senate approved a document that proposed to allocate about $60 billion to help Ukraine. However, it got stalled in the House of Representatives.

House Speaker Mike Johnson refuses to put the initiative to a vote. He is proposing to change some of the bill's provisions, in particular, those related to loan assistance.

Recently, Politico wrote that the administration of US President Joe Biden is in talks with Johnson to advance the bill with funds for Ukraine.