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US preparing to evacuate its citizens from Lebanon amid Israel's plans - NBC News

US preparing to evacuate its citizens from Lebanon amid Israel's plans - NBC News Illustrative photo: The US may evacuate its citizens from Lebanon (Getty Images)

The US is preparing for the evacuation of its citizens from Lebanon in case the situation escalates between Israel and Hezbollah, according to NBC News.

Officials reported that on Wednesday, June 26, the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp and Marines from the 24th Expeditionary Unit arrived in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to an unnamed US official, these forces are meant to demonstrate military power and serve as a deterrent against potential regional escalation.

One NBC News source noted that the US is increasingly concerned about the possibility of an Israeli ground offensive in Lebanon in the coming weeks. Despite pressure from Washington, Tel Aviv remains resolute in its desire to combat Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel intends to create a buffer zone about 15 square kilometers near the border.

Such actions aim to restore calm to northern Israel, allowing 60,000 Israelis who left the area due to constant Hezbollah attacks to return home.

According to American officials, the US is also in talks with close allies to coordinate evacuation efforts and any coalition military operations.

NBC News recalls that in 2006, the US evacuated 15,000 people from Lebanon during Israel's war with Hezbollah. As of 2022, 86,000 Americans were living in the country.

What preceded

Hezbollah militants have frequently attacked Israel from Lebanese territory for over six months. In response, the Israel Defense Forces have been carrying out retaliatory strikes.

Recently, it was revealed that the Israeli military command has approved plans for an offensive against Lebanon as part of their confrontation with Hezbollah. Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz stated that in a full-scale war, the militants would be completely destroyed, and Lebanon would suffer significant damage.