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US military clarified consequences of Houthi strike on vessel in Gulf of Aden

US military clarified consequences of Houthi strike on vessel in Gulf of Aden The vessel True Confidence (photo:

As a result of yesterday's missile attack by Yemen's Houthis on the vessel True Confidence, sailing under the flag of Barbados through the Gulf of Aden, three sailors were killed and four others were injured. Earlier, two fatalities were reported, according to the US Central Command (CENTCOM).

According to US military sources, at approximately 11:30 a.m. local time (Sanaa time) on March 6, an anti-ship ballistic missile was launched from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen towards the bulk carrier True Confidence.

The vessel, flying the flag of Barbados and transiting through the Gulf of Aden, was owned by Liberia.

"The missile struck the vessel, and the multinational crew reports three fatalities, at least four injuries, of which three are in critical condition, and significant damage to the ship," the CENTCOM noted.

The crew abandoned the ship, and the military ships of the international coalition reacted and are assessing the situation.

CENTCOM noted that this isthe fifth ASBM fired by Houthis in the last two days.

Two of these ASBMs impacted two shipping vessels - M/V MSC Sky II and M/V True Confidence - and one ASBM was shot down by USS Carney (DDG 64).

"These reckless attacks by the Houthis have disrupted global trade and taken the lives of international seafarers," the US military statement emphasized.

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The vessel True Confidence after a missile attack by the Houthis (photo:

First casualties from Houthi strikes on ships in the Gulf of Aden

Earlier, on March 6, it was reported that the British Embassy in Yemen had informed about the shelling of the ship True Confidence under the flag of Barbados. The diplomatic mission stated that at least two sailors were killed in the attack.

The vessel was attacked by a missile approximately 50 nautical miles (92 kilometers) southwest of the Yemeni port of Aden on the coast of the Red Sea.

The Houthis claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that True Confidence allegedly belonged to Americans. This information is untrue.

Also, since November last year, Yemeni Houthis have been regularly attacking commercial ships in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea with drones, cruise, and ballistic missiles. The first attacks began immediately after the start of the war between Israel and Hamas.

In response to the militants' regular attacks, on January 12, the US and the UK for the first time launched missile strikes on Houthi military targets in Yemen.

Additionally, on March 2, a commercial ship, the Rubimar, flying the flag of Belize and owned by Great Britain, sank in the Red Sea. This vessel was hit by an anti-ship ballistic missile from the Houthis on February 18. The crew of the ship was evacuated at that time. This is the first ship to sink after an attack by militants.