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Ukrainian Intelligence reveals operations with ICEYE satellite

Ukrainian Intelligence reveals operations with ICEYE satellite Photo: the DIU told about the operation of the ICEYE satellite (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Defense Intelligence of Ukraine specialists have been using the ICEYE spacecraft to detect Russian targets and protect the state for almost two years. During this time, the intelligence officers managed to take more than 4 thousand images of enemy objects, according to the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

A new level of quality and efficiency of intelligence gathering was made possible by philanthropists and donations from Ukrainians to the 'people's bayraktar', the funds from which were used to purchase the satellite at the request of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Intelligence from Earth's orbit allows to obtain data both in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and in other places on the planet where the Russian military forces and means are located.


The Defense Intelligence of Ukraine listed all the advantages of the satellite. In particular, it can recognize targets despite their careful Russian disguise.

"The power of the 'people's satellite' can accurately identify the type of Russian combat aircraft, ships, and air defense systems detected, as well as record the level of damage to the Russian targets," the statement says.


The DIU reports that during the period of using the 'people's satellite' and access to the ICEYE satellite constellation, experts took a total of 4173 images of Russian targets, including:

  • 370 airfields;
  • 238 air defense and radio reconnaissance positions;
  • 153 oil depots and fuel warehouses;
  • 147 missile, aircraft weapons, and ammunition depots;
  • 17 naval bases.

"About 38% of the entire data set obtained through ICEYE was used to directly prepare for Russia's fire damage - this is billions of dollars in losses for Russia, and the price of its aggression will continue to rise!" the DIU emphasizes, thanking everyone involved in collecting for these needs.

Photo: Defense Intelligence of Ukraine

ICEYE satellite operation

Last year, the DIU reported that thanks to the 'people's satellite' ICEYE, Ukrainian soldiers managed to destroy a Russian ship and submarine in Sevastopol Bay.