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Ukrainian intelligence chief makes new statement about Russia's war against Ukraine

Ukrainian intelligence chief makes new statement about Russia's war against Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov, Head of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The situation on the battlefields of the Russian-Ukrainian war is currently difficult, but not critical, according to Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov in an interview with Liberation.

"The situation at the front is bad, but not critical. Indeed, there is a shortage of shells, and there are objective reasons for this. We have two years of high-intensity war and ten years of conflict in total. Therefore, the problem we are experiencing is logical. The volumes provided by our partners are insufficient to cover our needs, as is our industry," Budanov says.

According to the head of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military is currently lacking:

  • artillery ammunition in general;
  • artillery systems of 155 mm caliber, as well as shells for these systems;
  • shells for long-range counter-battery combat;
  • systems for long-range missile strikes.

At the same time, the DIU chief notes that the war is not on the verge of using weapons of mass destruction. However, everything else, from submarines to strategic aviation, has been used for a long time.

Fighting for Avdiivka

For several months now, Russians have been intensifying their attacks in an attempt to occupy Avdiivka. In particular, the enemy wants to raise the ratings of dictator Vladimir Putin before the presidential election. Ukrainian defenders continue to hold the line and inflict huge losses on the Russian occupiers.

On February 15, the 3rd separate assault brigade was deployed to defend Avdiivka. As explained by the White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby, the city may be under the control of the Russian occupiers, as Ukrainian troops do not have artillery shells.

In particular, Kirby called on the United States Congress to pass a bill to provide aid to Ukraine, otherwise, the situation in Avdiivka could be repeated in other parts of the frontline.

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