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Ukrainian general reveals Russian army's 7:1 ammo superiority in warfare

Ukrainian general reveals Russian army's 7:1 ammo superiority in warfare Ivan Havryliuk (Communications Group of the Deputy Minister of Defense)
Author: Daria Shekina

The Russian army employs two of its main advantages on the front line - artillery and aviation. This allows the Russians to maintain the intensity of shelling without reduction, according to the Deputy Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk.

Havryliuk believes that Russia has been able to assess the manufacturing capabilities of Ukraine and its partners and has begun to utilize its advantage in ammunition. Since the beginning of 2024, the expenditure of ammunition has been at a ratio of 7:1 in favor of the Russians.

Moreover, the Russians believe that they have enough ammunition to dominate the front lines for a long time. This is because their firepower is not only provided by Russian factories but also by supplies from North Korea.

According to the general, another significant advantage lies in Russian aviation - enemy fighters regularly target positions and frontline territories with guided aviation bombs. Specifically, within 77 days of 2024, Russians dropped over 3500 guided aviation bombs, which is 16 times more than the figure for 2023.

However, to change the Russian dominance in the air, F-16 fighters will be deployed, enhancing the Defense Forces' capabilities on the ground.

"But the situation is such that we do not yet have F-16s, and stocks of certain types of ammunition are falling to critical levels. These and other factors complicate the Defense Forces of Ukraine in fulfilling the tasks of repelling the aggressor," he noted.

Czechia finds ammunition for Ukraine

In recent months, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have faced a critical shortage of artillery ammunition on the front lines. Recently, due to this reason, our soldiers had to retreat from the city of Avdiivka and also lost several other settlements in the Donetsk region.

In February, Czech President Petr Pavel announced that Prague had found 800,000 artillery shells for the military needs of Ukraine: half a million of 155mm caliber and 300,000 of 122mm caliber. However, funds were needed for their purchase.

Recently, Pavel stated that allies had already provided almost all the necessary funds for the purchase of the announced batch.

At the same time, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala stated that the Czech initiative promised an additional 200,000 shells for Ukraine on a non-binding basis.