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Ukrainian fighters eliminate numerous Russian officers in Tokmak, details uncovered

Ukrainian fighters eliminate numerous Russian officers in Tokmak, details uncovered New details of the explosions in Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia region, on November 28 appeared (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

On November 28, during the explosions in the temporarily occupied Tokmak of the Zaporizhia region, the Ukrainian military destroyed the headquarters of the Russians, which they placed in a kindergarten. 14 invaders were eliminated, including many officers, according to Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov.

"For two days in a row, a very powerful elimination of the enemy is taking place in Tokmak. It is already known what happened on November 28. The enemy's entire headquarters was destroyed. More precisely, during a meeting held at the headquarters, there was an explosion and at least 14 people died, including a large number of officers," he says.

In addition, according to Fedorov, the Russian troops once again tried to cover themselves with civilians, so they placed the headquarters on the territory of the kindergarten.

"Also, the explosions continued yesterday in the territory of temporarily occupied Tokmak. And also in the surrounding area - exactly where the enemy is located and exactly where he concentrates military equipment and manpower. Therefore, in the Zaporizhzhia direction, the elimination of Russians continues," notes the mayor of Melitopol.

Attacks on Russians in Tokmak and near Kherson

On November 28, explosions rang out in Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia region. Before them, the light in the city disappeared. Later it became known that the result of these explosions was the strike on the building used by the Russians. It is located in the city center. The occupiers immediately began to evacuate the wounded.

In addition, on November 28, the Ukrainian military struck a building with Russians in the captured village of Yuvileine, Kherson region, during a hostile meeting. High-ranking officials of the Russian army were also eliminated there.