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Ukrainian defense forces focus on destroying Russian missile launchers

Ukrainian defense forces focus on destroying Russian missile launchers Yurii Ihnat, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force (photo: Getty Images)

Ukraine's defense forces have focused on destroying Russian missile launchers, because missiles are produced in Russia, and it is more difficult to deplete them, stated Yurii Ihnat, the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force, in his interview for Focus.

Ihnat explained that it is difficult to "exhaust" the Russians by destroying their missiles because they have their own production.

"If we are talking about the production of missiles, cruise, and ballistic missiles, it is clear that not so fast, not easy, but they make them. And there is also the production of anti-aircraft missiles, S-300 missiles, Buks - everything is being manufactured. Enterprises are working, unfortunately, they will have them, so here the Defense Forces are ultimately focusing on destroying the missile launchers themselves," the spokesperson said.

He also noted progress in destroying enemy air defense.

"Russian air defense is being thinned out. The fact that they have filled the combat line with them is 100%, and the fact that Crimea is filled with them is also 200%, but you can see that the Russian territory is not so full... It's open for passage," Ihnat emphasized.

According to the spokesperson, the fact that Ukrainian-made drones are reaching Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other oil depots is a very good sign.

"They have tasted the bitter taste of war, and they are feeling it more and more every day. The Russians who thought that the "special military operation was going according to plan", that the war would not affect them, well, now it does and now they are getting what we have been getting, unfortunately, for those two years - fires, destruction, and death. It cannot be otherwise. They started this war against us, so they are getting what they deserve now," he added.

Attack on Russian oil depot

On the night of January 19, a massive fire broke out at an oil depot in the city of Klintsy, Bryansk region. According to an RBC-Ukraine source in the special services, it was the result of a successful operation by the Defense Ministry's Intelligence Department.

Also yesterday, Russian media reported a drone attack on the Tambov Powder Plant. It is located in the Russian city of Kotovsk and produces gunpowder for weapons and ammunition.

RBK-Ukraine's sources also confirmed that the DIU was behind the attack.

Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, said that the attacks on the oil depot and the plant caused damage to the occupiers. In particular, it complicates Russian logistics and disrupts supply schedules.