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Ukrainian counteroffensive could yield results by winter

Ukrainian counteroffensive could yield results by winter Ukrainian counteroffensive could yield results by winter (Photo: Getty Images)

According to the Estonian National Broadcasting, Estonian Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Colonel Mart Vendla stated that Ukrainian Armed Forces' counteroffensive might see progress by winter. However, the outcome remains contingent on Russia's unpredictable actions.

Vendla emphasized that the 1000-kilometer frontline is not evenly defended, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces have shown their ability to identify weak points in the defensive line. They have been employing effective tactics with small units, delivering precise firepower, and exhibiting superior reconnaissance capabilities. Vendla remarked, "They undoubtedly have a chance."

Regarding Russia, an Estonian General Staff representative noted that Russian forces have significantly bolstered their defenses since withdrawing from Kherson. While other regions average around 400 defensive structures per area, the Zaporizhzhia direction had 1400. This discrepancy underscores the scale of the defensive infrastructure. Consequently, the challenges facing Ukraine are exceptionally formidable.

Vendla further revealed that Russian defensive measures encompass extensive trenches, diverse minefields, defensive trenches, artillery positions, and reserve areas designed to impede breaches.

While the Ukrainian forces have yet to breach the first line of defense, there have been minor successes. Vendla elaborated that these efforts span broad scales, as Ukraine aims to divert attention across multiple fronts. However, Russia is employing a similar strategy, recognizing the strategic significance of the southern direction for Ukraine. As a result, Russian activity has been observed on the northern front, attempting to contain forces and prevent the formation of reserves that could support potential breakthroughs in the south.

Ukrainian counteroffensive

Ukrainian counteroffensive was initiated in early June 2023. Notably, they achieved successes in the southeastern region by recapturing several populated areas. Simultaneously, some Ukrainian forces remain on the defensive, as the Russian army also pushes forward, concentrating a substantial grouping on the Lyman-Kupyansk front.

Earlier, Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Defense, Hanna Maliar, reported that Ukrainian military forces managed to breach the first line of defense in certain southern sectors. Presently, they have advanced to an intermediate line of engagement.