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Ukrainian Air Force refines statement regarding F-16s after Easter

Ukrainian Air Force refines statement regarding F-16s after Easter Photo: Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Illia Yevlash (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Ukrainians need to be patient with the delivery of F-16 fighter jets. The transfer of the planes will be officially announced after they are delivered to Ukraine, according to Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Illia Yevlash.

Yevlash comments on the previous statement that F-16s would appear in Ukraine after Ukrainian Easter on May 5.

“We are all waiting for F-16s to appear in Ukrainian airspace as soon as possible. However, we cannot disclose the exact date when they will appear. Yes, there is already some information in the public domain that they are supposed to appear in June. However, we are waiting for the official announcement when they will arrive, and only then we will be able to inform within the limits of what is available that these aircraft are already in service with the Ukrainian Air Force,” he says.

The spokesperson urged Ukrainians to be patient. In addition, Yevlash noted that when the multirole fighters enter Ukraine, it does not mean that a combat flight will take place on the first day. The military will analyze the operational situation.

“In addition, our infrastructure is still being prepared to receive these aircraft and put them on proper maintenance. And of course, several different related activities need to be done to ensure that these aircraft can effectively perform their tasks,” the Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson adds.


The partners created an aviation coalition to provide Ukraine with modern aircraft. Ukraine will receive American F-16 fighters.

So far, Ukrainian pilots and engineers are undergoing training on F-16s. The delivery timeframe for the fighter jets themselves is not disclosed. But the partners assure that the first aircraft will arrive in Ukraine this year.

Recently, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force said that the first F-16s are likely to arrive in Ukraine after Easter, but did not specify when exactly.