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Ukraine will receive six TRML-4D radars: What they are needed for

Ukraine will receive six TRML-4D radars: What they are needed for Photo: TRML-4D radar (Getty Images)

Ukraine will receive additional 6 TRML-4D air surveillance radars for air defense needs from the German manufacturer Hensoldt.

As reported by the company, the purchaser of the radars is the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. However, payment for them will be made by the government of Germany as part of military aid.

The cost of purchasing six TRML-4D radars amounts to over 100 million euros.

The radars will be delivered to Ukraine later this year.

The new radar systems will be supplied to Ukraine this year. TRML-4D radars are necessary to enhance the country's air defense capabilities.

TRML-4D is a medium-range C-band radar from the TRML family, developed in 2018. The radar is capable of detecting, tracking, and classifying various types of airborne targets, including cruise missiles, as well as maneuvering aircraft and helicopters flying at low altitudes.

TRML-4D can detect up to 1500 targets within a radius of 250 kilometers.

It is equipped with a phased array antenna with electronic scanning based on gallium nitride transmit-receive modules.

A notable feature of the radar is its ability to operate autonomously and thus detect airborne targets. TRML-4D can interact with IRIS-T missile defense systems.

TRML-4D Radar in Ukraine

Ukraine received its first TRML-4D radars back in October 2022. However, in April 2024, the German government announced that Ukraine was given one TRML-4D as part of the regular military aid package—although this could be a radar that was ordered as early as 2023.