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Ukraine uses US weapons to strike Russia - AP

Ukraine uses US weapons to strike Russia - AP Illustrative photo: The Ukrainian Armed Forces hit Russian territory with US weapons (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Ukrainian defenders have already used American weapons to strike Russian territory, according to the Associated Press.

An unnamed Western official confirmed the information about strikes on Russian territory with US weapons to the agency.

According to the source, US weapons have been used by Ukrainian defenders “in recent days.”

The Western official did not disclose any further details.

Permission from the United States

The United States provided Ukraine with its weapons on the condition that Ukrainian defenders would not use them to attack Russian territory.

Recently, Washington has changed its position on this issue. US President Joe Biden allowed Ukraine to use American weapons to attack Russian territory, but with restrictions.

In particular, the Ukrainian Armed Forces can only strike the part of Russian territory near the Ukrainian border.

Rumors have already appeared on the internet that Ukrainian defenders used the HIMARS multiple-launch rocket system to strike a S-300/400 air defense system located in the Belgorod region. Corresponding satellite images have emerged.